Hollywood's hottest celebrity workout​ comes to ​Ludwigsburg.



Located in downtown Ludwigsburg, Hoferstrasse 5, LIT. Pilates offers clients more than 15 years of Fitness experience, in a private, nonjudgemental setting. With a dual emphasis on Toning and ALignment, LIT. PILATES ensures you easy accessibility, personalized attention and the very best Pilates Instruction Baden-Württemberg has to offer. As a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga and Reiki Therapist, Life Coach and STOTT Pilates Trainer, I am committed to helping you reach your fitness Goals in every stage of your life. My Method is a workout for artend devotees of the art and science of the Pilates methodology and for those just beginning. 

My Method is defined by its unique ability to match the needs, and accomplish the goals of each and every client. At LIT. PILATES you will never perform a set routine. I develop custom exercises and personalized sequences to accomodate and challenge each body: angles are adjusted, props are used, movements dissected, modified, built upon, and perfected. This detailed and individualized approach to fitness ensures access to every muscle, resulting in a long, lean, healthy body.

My expertise spans many specialties, furthering my ability to care for a wide range of clients. I create, effective specialized programs in the following areas: PRENATAL, POSTNATAL, SCOLIOSIS, POST-SURGICAL, POST INJURY, INJURY PREVENTION, SPORTS SPECIFIC CONDITIONING AND HEALTH COUNSELING. My vision encompasses movement, healthy habits, and natural, responsible living, so you walk away you just experienced one of the best specialized, body specific workouts in the area. My Method of Pilates adjusts imbalances and refrains the neuromuscular system, affectingbody-changing results. Problem areas will improve. You will stand taller, look longer and leaner and pain will decrease.


If you think you know Pilates, I urge you to try LIT. and judge for yourself. 



Pilates bodies are slimmer, sleeker and stronger minus the access bulk. 

Using a simple formula, developed by the late, german based, Joseph Pilates...Of stretching, strengthening and control- pilates will change the way you think about fitness. 

A recommended bi-weekly pilates regime will give you the results you want today, and the strength, posture, and health you will want in the future. My method is about re-educating your body and undoing the damage that years of stress and immobility inflict. 


'Anything Other Than Classical Pilates Is Actually, Only... 'Pilates Inspired’



I believe you must bring your whole self, your 'authentic self' to the table if you want to sustain a lack of balance and emotional tenability in today's crazy world-your sense of self, your sense of humor, and most importantly...Your sense of well being.

So if you want to attract, create, and live a fulfilling life… you've just mastered your first step of my 'soul syncing' program... 'acknowledgment'

It is possible to quiet the storm, change your disconnect from within and return to a state of pure uncontaminated consciousness, from the inside out...My method is a complete mind and body transformation!

Helping people heal themselves through physical means, training sessions, and/or through emotional means, life coaching sessions- when there's a strong imbalance in their lives...Will forever be the most rewarding part about my job!!!

It is possible to quiet the storm, change your disconnect from within and return to a state of pure uncontaminated consciousness, from the inside out...My Method is complete mind and body transformation...With Guaranteed results!

 'Every Second Is Another Chance To Turn It All Around’



Trained in the U.S., owner Kim Weller discovered pilates in 2010 as a way to build muscle and bring harmony into her hectic lifestyle. After seeing and feeling muscular changes in her body she was hooked after her first week. 

It wasn't long before hollywood stars and professional athletes caught onto the pilates methodology as well.

After leaving germany and heading back to the states in 2015, she continued to study the art and science of pilates with one of the most respected pioneers in the discipline (STOTT) and landed a top training job at one of the most renowned celeb and pro athlete hot spot training facilities 'in the d'- who (the celebs and pro athletes) immediately, after observing her work, started booking privates and remained loyal clients until her departure back to germany.

Hollywood's hottest celebrity workout comes to ludwigsburg!

It was a no-brainer for kim to bring her dynamic, format of pilates home to Ludwigsburg. Lit. Pilates is a boutique private reformer studio located in the heart of Ludwigsburg. Each session provides hands-on, private instruction. Focusing on core strength and flexibility. Lit. Is a unique fusion of traditional pilates and dynamic strength training to achieve a whole body workout for sport performance, rehabilitation and/or weight loss.  With the state-of-the art stott reformer, spine mobilizing accessories and pilates cadillac you receive all the benefits of traditional pilates packed into an intense, fun, effective 60 minute workout. 



Hoferstraße 5
Bleyle Areal
71636 Ludwigsburg 

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