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Late Cancel Policy and Waiver and Release Agreement
Read this now. It could save you a headache later.
Waiver and Release Agreement

LIT. PILATES absolutely need 24Hrs cancellation notice to avoid a late charge. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies to ALL private sessions. If you do not show up to your private session you will lose the full price of the booked hour. Sessions are not refundable and are non-transferable. Please note that when you purchase sessions you are paying for a PRIVATE INSTRUCTOR. If your account has remained inactive for 30 days or more, you are waiving your right to dispute any late charge that might have occurred while your account was active. 

Waiver and Release Agreement

Please read and understand the following: I, the client, am aware that I am engaging in physical exercise and that the use of training equipment and instruction could cause injury to me. I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risk of injury that might result from them. I understand that all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure my physical safety. I understand that the equipment can be dangerous if used improperly and I will follow the strict instructions given by my instructor with respect to all of the equipment used. I agree to waive any claims and rights I might otherwise have to make a suit against LIT. PILATES. I agree to hold LIT. PILATES harmless for any injury I might incur from my participation during sessions. I further agree to the policies stated below: I am responsible for my own booking. I understand that I can check my status using my account. I know my login ID and my password. I also understand that if I missed an appointment that has been confirmed, or do not provide 24 hours notice, that session will not be credited back to my account. I understand that I have the opportunity to sign up for a session as far in advance as I want and that if I don’t sign up in advance there might not be any available space during the scheduled time I favor. These policies are here to minimize late charges.

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