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Top Questions for New Students

I've never done pilates before. Is there an Intro class or should I start with a private session?

It’s ok! Most new students to LIT. have never done pilates before and that’s ok. The Reformer Basics 1 & 2 Workshops are a pre-requisite and mandatory, before booking any private sessions listed above. Each enrolled participant has UNLIMITED monthly access to take The Reformer Basics 1 & 2 workshops, repeatedly- The more you know and understand the machine and your body placement on it...the more effective your booked sessions will be. Both workshops are the same level so there are no advanced or beginner workshops. The owner, Kim Weller, of LIT. Pilates will teach to the most advanced level and give modifications as needed. Also please speak up if you are confused or unsure at all. Come a few minutes early to introduce yourself, and be sure to let Kim know you are new, have injuries and/or pregnant.

Ok, I am going to sign up for my first session! I'm excited but not sure how to register for class. Can I just pay when I get there?

Yay! Congratulations on taking the first steps to getting fit, increasing your flexibility and strength, and learning movement techniques that will assist you in most other aspects of your life. Be prepared to get hooked! But first, make sure you register ONLINE.
At the top of this webpage there is a button that says “book a class” that will take you to my Mindbody page. There, you can create a profile and securely pay for your sessions under the retail tab. If you have any trouble paying or signing up for class please do no hesitate to email us at info@ and I will walk you through it. If for some reason you do not have access to our site you can pay in person, just be aware that we cannot hold session spots for you. If you show up and the hour is booked you may be turned away if you didn’t pre-register.

Ok I'm signed up on LIT. What should I wear to class and what do I bring with me to the studio?

Good work! All you need to bring with you is a pair of sticky socks (yes if you’re thinking of the socks they have in the hospital with the grips so you don’t slip, yes those are the ones!) Not to worry if you don’t already own a pair.
We sell sticky socks at the studio for $15. Make sure to tell Kim your shoe size and she can help you pick out a sock that will fit you. You don’t need to bring water with you but if you have a water bottle you can fill it up for free at the studio- I offer complimentary filtered water.

How do I get there?

Good question. We are a hidden gem in the heart of the city. The thing about hidden gems is, sometimes they can be difficult to find. Please give yourself extra time to find the building on your first visit. We are located at Hoferstrasse 5. The building is a brick mid-rise. You can always check our “Contact” page.
To enter the building, please ring.

Do you have lockers and showers?

We do not have showers at LIT. But we do have a bathroom with dry shampoo and you can change there. As for lockers, I offer appropriate space in the studio. Please do not leave personal possessions outside the door. Bring your purse, briefcase, and your bags into the studio with you where you can see them at all times.

I am not going to make my appointment. Can I reschedule?

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy, as we are a small business. If you email us 24 hours prior to your session, you will be early canceled and your session will go back into your account to use for a different day/time. If you are outside of the 24 hour period, you will forfeit the class credit. This applies to all memberships. My email is info@

General FAQ

Where are you located?

We’re down the road from Steh Bakery inside a brick building that says Hoferstrasse 5. When you arrive, please ring. There is plenty of street parking in front of the studio and a.

How often should I book sessions to see results?

This depends on the individual. Listen to your body to find a routine that works for you. We recommend 3 sessions per week to see results while allowing your muscles to properly recover and repair.

What should I bring and NOT bring to a session?

For safety and sanitary reasons, we REQUIRE EVERYONE to wear socks — ideally non-slip tread socks. No tennis shoes are needed for class.
Bring a towel and bottle of water.
Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in, much like you would for a yoga class, the gym or a backyard football.
Do not wear jewelry or strong perfumes.
Your credit card is on file, so no need to bring your wallet, unless you prefer not to make your payment online and/or would like to purchase any LIT. merchandise, Pilates gear or Remedy Bar elixirs. Please note that no sessions are confirmed if you’re not prepaid.

Why is Pilates so darn expensive?

Pilates, Otherwise known as ‘the exercise choice for snobs’ due to its tough methodology & specifically designed personal programs, has earned that ‘title’ but not for the reason you the next time you hear someone purposely say ‘I’m on my way to Pilates,’ as if to make a point, try not to turn your nose up at them, because it’s the discipline, focus & concentration that gave them their killer body, Not the amount of money they had in the bank. Trust me, they earned the right to purposely say ‘I’m on my way to Pilates’ because although it’s highly addictive, efficient & effective, they worked damn hard mentally, emotionally and physically to get there.
The art of REAL Pilates is very disciplined, guarantees speedy results and the instructors have very in-depth training. The art & theory behind the practice, which is considered the ‘Crème de la crème’ throughout the fitness field, because the trainers don’t take you through motions, they know the actual anatomy of the motion, including the muscles recruited, where the muscle originates, and where it inserts. My first client, for example, a medical school student, was highly impressed with my level of pilates experience...precisely because of the extensive training. Personally, it took me, over 2 years of intensive training to complete all my interning, anatomy classes, workshops, supervised training, student teaching, etc.- which was well over 500 hours combined. Also the highly trained instructors are few and far between, so large fitness studios charge less for mat classes because instructors are easy to find whereas properly trained reformer instructors are not. As a matter of fact, when I am at a fitness studio observing other trainers work with clients, I cringe. The training I personally underwent should be mandatory for every trainer in the field, regardless of their interest in Pilates. Which is why I also offer various ‘postural analysis’ type workshops for certified trainers. Also, reformers and other Pilates equipment are very expensive for gym/studios, and take up valuable real estate on the fitness floor. That’s why my Memberships are the best deal and help keep you accountable, which means you’ll reach your goals more quickly! If Membership isn’t for you, check out our Single session fees below.

We make Membership easy:

* Change your plan at anytime
* Auto-renews on same date each month (unused workouts don’t rollover)
* Cancel in your first month at anytime, no questions asked
AFTER first month cancellation- 30 days notice via email is mandatory

I believe in Membership because:
* It allows me to offer one of the best values in the area
* It helps encourage a routine, which means results are seen and felt more quickly
* It allows me to get to know you, your goals, and your body so I can personally design a suited program for your needs
* It helps foster the LIT. Community

4-Pack Monthly Membership.
This package is specifically designed for ACTIVE Fitness enthusiast looking to cross train and implement an athletic conditioning Reformer/Cadillac workout once a week.
300 (~75 each)

8-Pack Monthly Membership
552 (~69 each)
This package is perfect for beginners, rehab patients and mommies-to-be, looking to implement the Reformer/Cadillac workout twice weekly.

12-Pack Monthly Membership
This package is designed for those DETERMINED to make a change!
780 (~65 each for 12x)


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