Reiki, an 'alternative healing practice' or type of 'energy healing' has gained momentum within the medical community over the last several years...and as a practicing Reiki Therapist and Intuitive, I'm thrilled doctors and scientists are finally starting to acknowledge the many health and healing benefits Reiki treatments have to offer. Throughout the years, I've been more than blessed to aid and help so many wonderful people heal, either emotionally and /or physically, through an energetic flow in my hands. My gift is a blessing and I'm thankful for it every single day!

So what is Reiki exactly and what are the potential health benefits?

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force; 'REI' meaning “higher knowledge” or “spiritual consciousness” and “KI” meaning “universal life energy” the practice is an ancient energy-based healing therapy that provides a means for energy (also known as Chi or Prana) to rebalance the human energy field- creating optimal conditions for the body to heal itself. The underlying philosophy of Reiki is that the body retains the wisdom to improve its own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual condition.

The main purpose for a person to receive Reiki is for stress reduction and relaxation- we have issues with our families, partners, colleagues, work. We’re finding, from documented reports throughout the medical community, that stress does and will affect your health if not handled properly. So there’s a push right now, happening within the medical field, where health professionals, Dr.'s, etc. are helping people find ways to combat stress and Reiki is coming to be one of the most important therapeutic techniques currently used.

As a certified Reiki practitioner, the biggest challenge I've had to overcome is people's mindset- she must be a witch, Reiki is some weird cult, energy healing is a load of crap. Combative mindsets are normal, especially when you're dealing with something you cannot understand.

My job is not trying to convince skeptics about the healing powers of Reiki, my job is to shed light on the topic through education. Mostly, I'm confronted with questions surrounding religion...but I can assure you, Reiki is not affiliated with any type of organized religion; it is a spiritual practice- I'm connected and working directly to 'source' but 'source' is not a religion. The source is whatever you believe is above and around you, your connection to the universe, angels, Buddha, God, universal energy. Reiki therapists will connect to whatever higher source they gravitate to. So when I'm working with Reiki I'm connecting to the higher source and that higher source is the one that’s directing our session. Which is why I believe I'm not the one to have the power to heal, but the clear conduit to this beautiful Reiki energy. I connect to a higher source and through me, the energy is transferred to the person I'm working with.

Perhaps you're reading this and suddenly feel inspired to book your first Reiki session, but not sure what to expect?!? Personally, I feel if you’re coming to see me, you were drawn to me and you were supposed to be usually I feel an instant connection. Then we would sit down and have a conversation so you understand what is about to happen. It's important to remember we are all different and we all experience a session depending on 'how open we are to receive and what our expectations are.' It's equally important to discuss 'what to expect' because sometimes you'll feel things you’re not sure you're really feeling, supposed to feel or even know if what you're feeling is actually happening. After, you'll lay down on a massage table, fully clothed, I would go through a series of hand positions that I place (hover) over your entire body; after, I 'scan' your body to find areas that need more attention and then concentrate on those areas until the end of your session. So it’s a process that takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but I notice that most recipients are out and in a meditative state, rather quickly. When I’m 'scanning' the body for hot spots, I don’t need to know what the particular problem is- I usually pick something up that holds meaning to me, and will know exactly if it's a mental, emotional and/or physical issue I'm dealing with. Regards to physical issues, I would like to point out that Reiki Therapists are NOT medically trained and therefore never impose a diagnosis or encourage medicinal/homeopathic usage...we are trying to respect boundaries, so we don’t venture into 'advising.' During the treatment people can expect to feel an overwhelming/intense feeling of peace and tranquility. The peacefulness is highly valuable and important to the flow of energy, to release stress, because we're so distracted by everyday things- we never have time to focus on what we’re feeling or what's really going on inside. This is the time to comfort yourself, and ask if you're holding onto something in your life that serves your higher good, or something you need to release and let go- it's a very powerful spiritual experience.

The changes I see within people are amazing, and although it can happen within a single session, that's not really the norm. What is the norm, however, is the immediate feeling of peace within yourself. I especially see this when working with cancer patients. When they first hear the diagnosis, they want to get a calendar out and mark how many days they have left in their physical body, but when I start to work with them, I notice a shift. They start seeing each day as a gift that should be valued and treasured; whether they have 40 days or 360 days left. Mentally, when you accept what you have to deal with in the 'presen moment' you learn how to enjoy the life you have left. I find, when people change their negative thoughts about illness and incorporate the 'sickness' into what they’re dealing with as a part of their daily life, a transformation occurs: Chemo's side effects become more tolerable, the recuperation time after surgery lessens and the need for more pain medication reduces. I always tell them it's 'not magic when your body feels good, it's your positive mental attitude that changed your life for the better...and that you may not live 20 more years, maybe you only live five, but those five years better be the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE!!' And although it's not a guaranteed form of healing Reiki does heal- people do get better and their healing process does improve.

The mind over matter, mind-body connection is incredibly important during the entire process- when you think positive and have trust trust in the process, you can heal. So if you are interested in trying a Reiki session, or learning more about the practice; I suggest finding someone in your area who's been officially and properly trained, to ensure you’re receiving the correct information. I take my job very seriously... it's a calling, not a business, so I highly encourage you to do your research before committing to a disappoint. And although no one, including doctors, can offer a guarantee, there's a significant difference between those who choose to heal emotionally/physically (mindfully) or those who choose to heal (negatively). Your ailment may always be 'present' and your illness unavoidable, but if you stay mentally attuned to ALL of your other blessings, your quality of life will be rich and full .

For me, Reiki is not only a way of life, it’s a way to service those in need- which is one of the greatest satisfactions about receiving this gift. When I see the changes happening to the emotionally starved, uncertain, worried 'soul' standing in front of me; transform themselves into a mindful, respectful non-combative self that somehow got lost along the way, is a beautiful moment. I always say, 'change can happen, but you have to stay committed to that change in order for it to work.'

Those who work In the healing arts know we don’t need to perform complicated, complex therapies to make them work. It’s about going to the root and being simple, to produce the greatest results.

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