Be Fearless...Live Bravely

We live in a fear based society. Your consciousness purposely detonates any desirable thoughts about taking professional, financial and/or intimate risks, by replacing it with fear- the fear of failure. As a society we swallow our intuitiveness, bite our tongue and turn a blind eye to one of the most powerful laws in the universe, the Law of Attraction. Simply put, the the law of attraction promulgates that every positive or negative experience that’s happened in your life was attracted to you. The theory, quite often dubbed by skeptics as ‚pseudoscience’ based on ‚unfounded‘ hypothesis throughout the physics and metaphysical world, has spurred much debate. However, and without awareness, this very debate, over positive thinking has affected and influenced every decision we’ve made in our lives, thus far.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve allowed the shadow of doubt and fear guide critical decisions YOU’VE made in your life. Now ask yourself how many times you’ve allowed intuition, patience and self confidence guide you? More than often, the reality is, fear motivated you, by allowing your negative self doubt control your real thoughts and emotions while keeping your true potential locked down. What’s even more frightening, is the fact we’re only one, of many people, comprising our mass collective existence…carrying around each others heavy, negative, energetic weight. We are all guilty!! Negative thinking is easy. Your fear based self talk, which says, ‚why me’?!? ‘Why do the same negative repetitive patterns keep happening TO ME over and over again’ is a question you’ve already answered, because you’re negative thinking and thoughts set your ‚intent‘ in motion and affected the outcome of your desired results.

What if you would have initially set your desired intentions by thanking the universe for the abundance in your life; for the job that will, with patience, lead to so many exciting opportunities or thank the universe for introducing you to the man who broke your heart, because without him, you never would’ve had the courage to start your own business. Instead, by placing demand, you chose to tell the universe you’re not grateful for everything you already have, and will do‚ 'whatever it takes‘ and by any ‚manipulative means’ to reach your goals- because if you don’t, 'lose the weight/get that promotion‘ the familiar feeling of disappointment, blame, and feeling judged (you were passed over yet again) starts to comfortably settle in. Notice a pattern here? Negative thought patterns you summon and put out in the world initiate the cycle of fear, pain, panic and anxiety all over again. We’ve been conditioned to believe that these cliche responses will get us where we need, regardless of the outcome, because it’s formidable to accept the omnipresent existence of what the Law of Attraction means and has to offer…that every single decision we’ve made in life, good or bad, has been shaped by us and us alone. It's time to stand up to fear, believe in what we're feeling intuitively and start living thought and action at a time.

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