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Cannabis is legal in only a handful of places, but curiosity about the plant is EVERYWHERE. CBD is pervading our culture—quite literally. In the states I've seen CBD spiked cocktails, CBD oil inspired body treatments (offered at spas) and restaurants carrying CBD infused cuisine options.

As the Cannabis craze continued, I predicted a swelling of anxious gardeners trying to plant their seeds quickly, to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, only the passionate survived.

'Revive Remedies was started by a group of friends who were passionate about natural remedies and believed in the power of CBD.' They 'wanted to make effective CBD products that were available to those who need them.'


Revive's CBD oil is made with their high-quality, independently lab tested pure CBD Isolate. It is not psychoactive, contains zero THC, and does not produce a “high”.

Grown, Extracted, & Processed in the USA

Our industrial hemp is grown and extracted in the USA. We process all of our raw materials and finished goods in our own lab, then bottle our hemp oil in-house.

Gluten Free, Vegan, No-Fillers

Our CBD Oil does not contain common “fillers”, and is naturally gluten free and vegan. These aren’t just buzz words. Healthy products are part of our company’s core.

No Toxins, Solvents, or Stimulants

A product of nature, created from the heart, and formulated with a best in class process. Our Hemp Oil is non GMO, chemical free, and safe.

Independently Lab Tested

Each batch of product is independently lab tested for quality, consistency, and purity, and guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals and stimulants.

So why choose Revive Remedies...and how does this parallel with

LIT. Pilates?

  • TRAIN HARD AND RECOVER: Revive Remedies CBD Oil can help you recover quicker after workouts.

  • FIGHT INFLAMMATION AND INCREASE MOBILITY: Revive Remedies CBD Hemp Oil helps reduce joint inflammation and helps you reach optimal performance.

  • RELIEVE STRESS AND BALANCE YOUR MOOD: Revive Remedies CBD Oil can help increase energy levels, and balance your mood by removing stress & anxiety.

  • SUPPORT DAILY WELLNESS: Revive Remedies CBD Hemp Oil can help fight environmental stressors and provide a great daily wellness boost.

  • RELIEVE PAIN AND FEEL BETTER: Revive Remedies CBD Oil can help fight pain and help you get back on your feet quicker.

Now that I've purchased my first CBD Oil, how much should I take? What is the right dosage?

'This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions Revive Remedies get. You can ease your mind a bit around this topic and know that the amounts they are talking about here do not pose a risk of taking too much. There is some obvious disclaimers to that though. For example, don’t drink an entire bottle in one sitting. At that point you are probably consuming too much fat in a single serving because of the carrier oil. It is always good to follow the directions listed on the bottle. They provide a lot of detail on their bottles for their customers. 

Lets start by taking a look at your average CBD oil tincture on the market.

Your average bottle of CBD is usually anywhere from 15-30 mL in size, containing anywhere from 500-3000+ mg of CBD per bottle. In your average bottle we like to consider a single dropper a good starting point for a “serving”. Usually these droppers are around 1mL per dropper. A good trick is to take the total MG of CBD per bottle divided by the number of mL in a bottle. That gives you the CBD content per 1 mL dropper. 

For example (Revive Remedies Products):

They like to keep it simple. Most of their bottles are 500, 1000, 1500, or 3000 mg of CBD per bottle.

*1500 mg CBD, 15 mL Bottle = 50 mg CBD per 0.5 ml (1/2 dropper) Serving *3000 mg CBD, 30 mL Bottle = 50 mg CBD per 0.5 ml (1/2 dropper) Serving

As you can see smaller bottles do not mean less CBD per serving. It is simply just a

smaller bottle.'

So how much should I take?

'Finding the right dosage might take some time and it varies from person to person to achieve your desired effect. Everybody is unique so just because a dosage works for one person does not mean it will work for another. There is no danger in taking more CBD than you need. However, it has been shown that taking more does not always improve the results.

When you are purchasing CBD tinctures the dosage is based on the overall amount of CBD in the bottle, and the individual recommended starting dosages is listed on each bottle in the directions. Our CBD tinctures contain anywhere from 33-50 mg of CBD per serving. Our bottle sizes come in 15-30 mL and range from 30-60 servings.

We never recommend a specific dose for ongoing use because this varies person to person but we do advise on a recommended starting dose to get you started. This is usually anywhere from 33-50 mg once or twice per day. As you start to take it more regularly you might find yourself either taking it three times a day, or just twice a day with larger dosages. Revive Remedies staff prefers to take around 50-100mg twice per day. They take smaller doses in the morning and during the day, and larger doses at night as that tends to help more with relaxation. 

If you do not experience the desired results at the suggested starting dose after several hours, you can safely increase your dosage.

For best results you should let the CBD oil sit under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.' 

Questions? Interested in seeing Lab Results? Want to know more? Feel free to leave a comment below...

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