CBD in all forms has enormous potential, as we just learned from my previous post, but don't judge a brand by its engaging marketing ploys or savvy, well-designed labels. If you're interested in learning more, read further to better understand: what to look for, what to ask and how to trust, before putting your health in someone else's hands.

Do my 'at home' herbal remedy supplements, I'm currently using, contain pesticides, mold, and/or other contaminants?

There was only ONE reason I decided to implement and launch a 'Remedy Bar' inside my LIT. PILATES studio. TO EDUCATE. After months and months of research, I was frightened by the amount of “healthy“ products placed on the market- we are breathing in (aromatherapy oil‘s), ingesting (herbal concentrated liquid supplements) and rubbing into our skin (topical based pain relievers) laced with oversight, false claims and trace amounts of dangerous chemicals. My findings frightened AND inspired me. Company's, for example, 'claiming' to aid and ease ailments 'naturally' have been caught replacing labels, adding poisonous ingredients and FLAT OUT LYING to trusting consumers.

The information I obtained affected and changed my life forever, which immediately broadened the vision of my company, Soul Addict. And although I encapsulate, only a minuscule sector of the health, fitness and wellness field- I HAVE A BIG MOUTH. Which is why I decided to implement products I know, believe and TRUST, to TRULY help people, not just 'claim' to.

My goal with the 'Remedy Bar' is to change the face of 'random product herbal remedy purchases' through educational endeavors. It's not about 'pushing sales,' it's about connecting our mind, body and soul through health, wellness, fitness, mental clarity and well being. Having been approached by several companies looking to collaborate, I decided to work with a select few, with whom I felt shared the same vision. Not to mention...it's my name, reputation, brand & company that's on the line, so you better believe I'm only standing behind those who are KNOWN and TRUSTED in the field of Herbal Remedy Care, to truly aid in emotional & physical ailments...HONESTLY!

The two companies, I chose to partner with, Revive Remedies www.reviveremedies.com and Sfumato https://sfumatofragrances.com, whom I'm now in the early stages of developing our own line of concentrated herbal tinctures, are KNOWN and celebrated for cultivating and developing HONEST PRODUCTS. Their independent efforts reflect a combined goal, to relentlessly test (not on animals of course) test and retest their product lines to verify transparent reports and governmental findings. It's important to me that brands readily & happily share their results...I mean, if you've already invested thousands of dollars in research, why not share and spread the excitement? If they're NOT transparent, however...I consider it highly 'suspect.'

Personally, it's important to understand the premise, the research, the ingredients (how products are being used and their affects), the philosophy and the mission of the companies I choose to engage with, and TO (personally) KNOW THE ACTUAL FACES OF THE PEOPLE STANDING BEHIND THEM.

If your interested in learning more about products you're currently using (labeled 'organic,' ranging from your make-up to Kale) and/or interested in researching products you've heard 'buzz' about, here's a few quick tips and questions you should be asking:

*Are they open about third party tests & willing to share the results?

Still not sure, ask the company to provide you with multiple lab tests- from the farm to third party labs.

*Where is their CBD/natural oils from?

'Hemp point of origin is important for two reasons; if your CBD isn't from the states, it's definitely not legal and, if they can't tell you where the farms are, they may not know.'

*Is it local or organic?

CBD is an agricultural product...so Lab results will have 'organic hemp farms' listed.

*Is it full-spectrum?

Are they using the whole hemp plant vs. an isolate which extracts the CBD from the plant? Using marketing terms like 'pure' and 'all natural,' isolates are sometimes not hemp at all and synthesized in a lab.

*Does the label list the amount of CBD per serving?

Products called hemp oil or hemp extract may contain little-to-no actual CBD...so if the label can't tell you how much CBD there is per serving, you can't be sure it's legit!

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